Lucy’s Back Door Experience

Lucy knew that she wasn’t going to enter a garden of earthly delights when she first married her husband Frank. She’d married him because he was a stable and sensible man who would be a good husband. She knew that she’d be giving up on having the sort of intense erotic experiences that she’d been enjoying up until that point. At the time, she’d told herself to stop caring about that and to keep her priorities in mind, that she needed a stable existence and not to turn her life into some erotic story.

However, her own sexual desires only intensified with age. As a MILF, she found that she wanted what Frank could never provide even more intensely than when she was a young woman. He never even wanted to do anal. She’d married a man whose sexual appetites were sated in the most conventional manner. Fortunately, Frank was willing to let her get her carnal delights elsewhere, with the condition that he wouldn’t know any of the details and nothing about their relationship would change. Within moments, she was online looking for a young man who wanted a MILF who was as hungry for sexual attention as he was.

This got her in touch with Zach, a young guy who showed up at her house ready and willing. Within moments, the two of them were downstairs and he was giving it to her with all the force and the energy of a young stud who just couldn’t get enough. She cried out in ecstasy repeatedly, which was never something Frank could do for her at the best of times. Zach was insatiable. The two of them were able to continue all night long. She’d never had such intense experiences with a first-time lover before, and had rarely had such experiences with even the long-term lovers she’d enjoyed as a young woman. It was hours before the two of them collapsed into bed, spent, empty, but still writhing with the pleasure of what they had experienced.

When it came time to pay Zach, he did accept the money. However, he was careful to intimate that he would be back if that’s what she wanted, and that next time, she didn’t have to pay. She immediately took him up on that offer. When Frank asked her how everything went, she spoke as mildly as possible, barely able to contain the memories of what had just happened.

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