One of the hardest parts in a relationship is letting go; men tend to break down on this matter. There is no easy way to move on, which in fact some people go through worsts, we heard lots of suicidal issues due to mentally and emotionally ill. Its part of human life, the pain, sufferings and sacrifices, and no one escapes it. Even the wealthiest man in the world experience the same fate, and one thing I am sure to overpass it is acceptance. Why we undergo such thing, perhaps because to make us strong, and believe in ourselves. Some people lost themselves trying to stay in the relationship they had, or fix it. But I think letting go is the best way to end the pain.

Why do you keep holding on something that tears you apart? You knew that every day it gets heavier and its suck. I knew you’ve been thinking a lot that letting go of the one you love is hard, but I think it’s just in the start, what fears you most, makes you strong at the end. If it doesn’t work out anymore, free yourself, and move on. Maybe it is hard, but it is worthwhile.

Being in a long relationship, you know how hard it is to begin life again. You’ve shared a lot of memories with the person. You did everything together, and you can’t figure out how to start again things alone. I knew that our relationship is toxic already, we see each other but not as often as before, we never updated each one of what ups to. We always fight a lot and don’t talk for days. Sometimes there are things better left unsaid. But the thing is, I knew both of us are hurting, and no one just can afford to say goodbye.

I want to be brave for once in my life, become a man for him to let her go and set her free. I am the key to our freedom and its time for me to do what should be done for so long. So, I set up a date and texted her to meet in a cafeteria. So, we both meet at a time and start to talk about our relationship. Actually, this is the last time we open up about what we are going through, so its a mutual decision and leave the cafeteria with pain in my heart.

I travel to Oxford Circus to chill; I think I have to meditate and relax. Until I found out about Oxford Circus Escorts of, it was a great idea that I book them because it gets easier for me to begin life again.

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