There are always many questions that are running through my mind all of the time. The most common one is, if I wake up will my girlfriend still love me? I think about these things because I do not know what she is thinking about all of the times. There are a lot of things times where she looks very sad and down and I always blame myself for all of that. I do not know what I will be able to do if I will lose her. But as time pass by, it looks like she really does want to move on from me and it is a really sad story to me honest. I do want her in my life but she seemed so distant all of the time and I honestly do not know anymore what I can do to fix any of our problems. I want to love and give her all that I can. But she is really mad at me sometimes for no reason at all. I told myself a couple of times already that maybe she is just in a phase but I am just lying to myself. The truth is that my girlfriend does not really love me and it’s time to tell her that I know already. When we both talked to each other i told her about what I was thinking and I was shocked because she was so honest with me. My girlfriend told me that she was not happy with me anymore and asked me if it is alright to move on. I granted her wish and told her good luck. I thought that I was never going to find somebody like her again but I was wrong. I was really glad to have found a nice good looking West Midland escort who seemed so enthusiastic about love. I thought to myself that maybe she is the chance for me to finally do something with my life with somebody I can really help build a life. I want this West Midland escort so bad because she is the type of person who really helps me do something about the situation that I am in. I want her to be happy with me and what I have to offer. But I do not want to force somebody to love me like what I did in the past so I really wanted to enable her to help me find out the truth about the current situation that we both are in. I would really want to help this West Midland escort and give her all the love that I can give. She seemed so happy all of the time even when I know that she has a lot on her mind. It’s getting to the point in my life where I am ready to be happy with her. I want her to stay with me as long as she want because she might be the most awesome West Midland escort that I will ever have in my life. I just want her to get to know me and help me get through.

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