Anal sex is not for me!

When I first started to work for London escorts, I was told it is important to be very open minded. I know the other girls mean, but there are some things that I am not into. Som girls at our London escorts service are very open, and are not worried about broaching the topic of anal sex. That does not nothing for me at all, and I would never dream of getting involved in anything like that. The GFE experience is my kind of dating.

However, I am glad that there are girls at our agency who are a little bit more radical if you know what I mean. I am not sure what I had actually expected when I joined our London escorts service, but let me tell you that it has been a real eye opener for me. During my time here I have come across some very interesting experiences, and I am sure that my work colleagues will introduce me to even more exciting experiences. The thing is that London escorts seem to adopt different services. We have a girl at our London escorts service who is a dominatrix.

Before I met her, I did not know anything about BDSM at all, but now I can see why so many men and women really enjoy BDSM. It is a little bit like play for adults. If you have a very stressful job, I am sure that our kinky BDSM queen could take your head out of gear for a couple of hours. Would you enjoy it? I am pretty sure that you would. Duo dating is really in at the moment, and most London escorts agencies have got female couple who specialise in duo dating. Most of the girls are bisexual. I did think it was a little bit strange to share such a personal experience but now I think that many of the London escorts who are into duo dating, get a big kick out of it themselves. To them, I think it is a little bit like playing away from home I guess. Role play is another thing which men and women like to enjoy with London escorts.

I love a little bit of roleplay myself and I now have a couple of gents in my little black book who likes to come and play with me. When I first got into role play I did not have that many characters, but I have expanded on that now. I have never told any of the gents, but I get a real kick out of role play. As I am a rather petite girl, I can play certain roles better than others. If you would like to find out more, why don’t you give me a call at London escorts. I am sure you would love the way I play. If you have something special in mind, just tell me all about it, and I will try to help you with your own personal play needs.

Aids is more common in gay couples

I was surprised to find out that AIDS is more common in gay couples. It really surprised me because I think that a lot of gay people are more sexually aware than others. But, I know three gay couples outside of London escorts, and two of the guys have got it. They say that they caught when they were younger and not so clued up. It does not surprise, I really don’t think that we explain HIV infection very well too young people.

That being said, I don’t think that we explain HIV to seniors neither. Lots of seniors think that they cannot catch HIV because they cannot get pregnant any longer. So they end up having unsafe sex and catch the virus. One of my regular at London escorts was telling me that his best friend had caught HIV while on holiday. He honestly did not think that he could get from women. That was a real eye opener for me. Some of my more senior gents at London escorts are a little bit not so sure about stuff like this.

Personally I did not think that HIV education was that great when I was in school. Most of what I know now, I have learned from other sources. I don’t mind spending time educating my dates here at London escorts about the risks. But I do wonder why the government is not running any campaigns. After all, HIV and AIDS must be costing the NHS money. I pay my NHS contributions from my London escorts income, so I don’t see why the government should not be spending more money running campaigns about HIV and other STD’s.

On top of that I have to say that I think a lot of gay couples do have flings ore brief relationships with others. It is like they get absorbed by their own sexual energy and let their minds control their bodies. The use of sexual protection sometimes go out of the window. Many of the girls here at London escorts who have got gay friends say the same thing, and I think we may be onto something. Yes, I have been in that situation myself but I have managed to say no in the nick of time.

Being passionate when you are younger is fine, but you really need to check out sexual protection. I know that we are getting a lot better when it comes to controlling sexual disease, but many people are still not aware about some of the consequences. I have met senior gents here at cheap London escorts who have been very naïve. When I talk about the unsafe sex we often see in porn movies, they look at me like I am mad. Yes, I think that porn movies don’t do a very good of promoting safe sex, and I make sure that I make my feelings known when I am at cheap London escorts. Maybe we should start to talk about safe sex a lot more than we do today.


Lucy’s Back Door Experience

Lucy knew that she wasn’t going to enter a garden of earthly delights when she first married her husband Frank. She’d married him because he was a stable and sensible man who would be a good husband. She knew that she’d be giving up on having the sort of intense erotic experiences that she’d been enjoying up until that point. At the time, she’d told herself to stop caring about that and to keep her priorities in mind, that she needed a stable existence and not to turn her life into some erotic story.

However, her own sexual desires only intensified with age. As a MILF, she found that she wanted what Frank could never provide even more intensely than when she was a young woman. He never even wanted to do anal. She’d married a man whose sexual appetites were sated in the most conventional manner. Fortunately, Frank was willing to let her get her carnal delights elsewhere, with the condition that he wouldn’t know any of the details and nothing about their relationship would change. Within moments, she was online looking for a young man who wanted a MILF who was as hungry for sexual attention as he was.

This got her in touch with Zach, a young guy who showed up at her house ready and willing. Within moments, the two of them were downstairs and he was giving it to her with all the force and the energy of a young stud who just couldn’t get enough. She cried out in ecstasy repeatedly, which was never something Frank could do for her at the best of times. Zach was insatiable. The two of them were able to continue all night long. She’d never had such intense experiences with a first-time lover before, and had rarely had such experiences with even the long-term lovers she’d enjoyed as a young woman. It was hours before the two of them collapsed into bed, spent, empty, but still writhing with the pleasure of what they had experienced.

When it came time to pay Zach, he did accept the money. However, he was careful to intimate that he would be back if that’s what she wanted, and that next time, she didn’t have to pay. She immediately took him up on that offer. When Frank asked her how everything went, she spoke as mildly as possible, barely able to contain the memories of what had just happened.

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